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Vital Monster® Day by day

and repeat!

You are what you eat! We have creative ideas for you to stay healthy! Vital Monster® Level up your Health!

Fruits and vegetables are essential for us! We should therefore eat them daily, in order to stay fit and healthy! We set ourselves the objective of inventing creative ideas to give you the right motivation for a healty Lifestyle.

Vital Monster® Flipbook

>> The summer holidays start as usual for the siblings Aaron and Flora, with their grandmother in a town called Lelle. But when they witness a meteor strike while walking at night, strange things suddenly happen. Where do the mysterious creatures come from and what do they want from our protagonists? What does Aaron's nightmare mean? And what is their grandma hiding? They decide on their own to discover the secret and must soon realize that someone wants to harm them ... <<

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Don't miss the first part of the story!

Black and white manga webcomic, with 40 pages full of suspense! Here you can find a small extract: "SAMPLE”.

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With the purchase you support us in the development of this project. We are very grateful to you for this! As a thank you, a big surprise awaits you at the end of the story!


Not only for Kids are simple

Eating daily more fruits and vegetables, you can evolve more than 300 Vital Monster®. Vital Power = Health. If you are healthy, you will have enough vital power to evolve, day by day, all fruits and vegetables into the Vital Monsters. People can own the Vital Power by improving their health. You will develop the Vital Monsters and defeat the evil Noxomonsters! And they will help you daily to do something for your HEALTH!
You may have heard that you should eat at least 5 servings of fruit and vegetables a day — which works out to a total of about 2½ cups.
Fruit and vegetables are a fantastic source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants – all of which are vital for good health and well-being.
Vital Monsters are Dragons - Ninjas - Vikings - Robots - Werewolves - and much more, developed from fruits and vegetables! For example: a muay thai celery! That only exists here!
Join our heroes, Aaron and Flora on an adventure to free their grandmother from the evil Noxomonsters.
Unhealthy creatures from breakfast cereals, chips, palm oil, steak, gummy bears, etc.
The time is now!
Get this health game for free!
What are you waiting for? Vital Monster® Day by day eat, play level up and repeat!

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